Technical and legal guarantees

  • We buy and then sell vehicles primarily purchased in the CR, from their original owners, with the original certificate of roadworthiness (MOT) and with a service book, serviced in authorized service centres
  • The age of our vehicles is ranging from 1 year
  • vehicles are purchased from regular customers, companies and leasing companies engaged in operating leasing
  • NEW! We offer the opportunity to find and purchase vehicles from foreign leasing companies according to customer requirements. Cars have full service history, and have not been involved in accidents, with the possibility to deduct VAT even from Private Motor Vehicles
  • We sell vehicles on consignment according to the terms of the agent contract
  • At handover, vehicles are inspected for their technical condition. We perform the basic vehicle inspection and compare the information on the vehicle with MOT (visual assessment of the main mechanical areas of the vehicle, VIN match - checking of the VIN stamped onto a plate under the bonnet and etched on to the windows, trim label, production control label, service tag)
  • Accounting documents for the sale of the vehicle contains all necessary MOT details, odometer reading and the report the technical condition of the vehicle
  • We ensure de-registration of the vehicle in the shortest possible time and forward the certificate of roadworthiness (MOT) to the new owner for registration.
  • We can arrange registration of the vehicle at the Motor Vehicle Registration centre at the place of residence of the new owner.
  • VAT return for passenger cars purchased in the EU after April 1, 2009


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