Selling motor vehicles

Family business environment allows us to apply personal approach to our customers: we will give you good advice and offer our expertise. The purpose of buying a used car is saving money. The market price of the vehicle in the first year of operation is decreasing drastically, while the technical quality of vehicles in the first three years is nearly unchanged.

  • • We will give you advice on how to:
    • choose the vehicle to match your needs
    • identify the price of the vehicle, depending on the age, wear and vehicle equipment
    • choose the right insurance or financing of a vehicle
    • identify subsequent running costs
    • tackle accounting and tax issues for business people

  • When you are buying a vehicle from us::
    • our experienced technicians will get you familiar with the technical condition of the vehicle
    • inspection of undercarriage parts with the help of hydraulic lifting unit
    • test drive
    • we guarantee the legal and technical condition of the vehicle
    • contract of sale, invoice, technical certificate, certificate of roadworthiness (MOT)
    • we provide installation of extra equipment and accessories and subsequent maintenance and repair
    • registration of a vehicle at the Motor Vehicle Registration


Our partners:

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